It’s Live! (and why this new site is important to me)

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I’m so excited to welcome you to my NEW SITE!  This redesigned, spiffy scifi portal into my creative world is brought to you by the very talented Adam Levermore (thank you thank you Adam!). I’ve been a little side tracked, thus the delay in launching, but POW! Here it is. So I wanted to write a post in honor of the launch.

I know that most of the pictures that I post, that are often associated with me, are ‘Badass’.  I am bloodied, bruised and angry, with some form of a weapon in my hand, glaring out at you with angry eyes. My demo reel shows me bloodied and fierce (or crying). If you’ve read some of my early posts, you might remember that I didn’t always have the chance to play that sort of character. Even though I connected to dark, intense, physical personas, the casting ‘powers that be’ would never see me in that light, only as the girl next door. So I took it upon myself to make the proverbial ‘them’ see me in the way I wanted to be perceived.  I ‘re-branded’ myself as an actress (and personality), and it worked.  I now have the luxury of playing characters that connect with the dark side of me, the lone survivor archetype that is nestled within me. And I am so grateful.

But this is just a part of who I am. What I hope this site (and my attempts to return to my All Things T blogging every one in a while), is to share my sense of wonder that drives me to do what I do. Wonder, awe, joy, elation…whatever the word is to you, to me it’s simply that spiritual high that I feel as a creative and as a person alive on this tiny planet.  And with that overwhelming sense of wonder that I so often feel, whether from a sunset, a friendship, a film, or a song, it inspires me to create something that will create that feeling in others- it’s too much just to rest in my own body. Andrew Stanton talks about this in his TED talk; it is worth a watch. Julia Roberts and Mike Nichols talk about the first time they felt that overwhelming sense of wonder and joy as an artist in this month’s Vanity Article (only available in print or iPad for now). For them, as for me, it was at the theater. My mom took me to see her friend’s son in a high school production of Oklahoma. I think I was 5. I still remember thinking it was the most wonderful, joyous thing I had ever seen or heard. Thanks mom.

But these days, my wonder has sped past the stage and screen, and up into space. As I venture into exploring our place in the universe both for personal education and as a SciFi writer, I am both humbled and inspired by the posts and research I stumble across daily, by the brilliant minds who are shaping the future of our planet. I am in awe of the small place we hold in this universe and now realize how perfect this gem of a planet we have evolved on truly is. Thus, as I continue in my storytelling journey, both as an actress and a writer/creator (you will be hearing a whole lot more news about me as a writer this year), I will work to stay true to instilling a sense of wonder in everything I do. This industry of entertainment needs to redeem itself, for it shapes the myths that define our society and which will influence the malleable generations to come. We need to stop with ‘reboots’ and ‘sequels’, pandering to the Establishment’s nostalgia and fear of our digital paradigm shift.  We have to begin to innovate and create again. We have to embrace big dreams, and with them, the technology and science that will make them possible. We can create a better future if we paint the picture now. But you can’t do that if you don’t feel the wonder of it all.

So why don’t you.

xo T


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