Taryn’s first comedy script, The Very True Adventures of the Madoff Girls, was a finalist at the 2010 NYTVFest FOX Comedy Pilot Contest.

She wrote an episode with Tony E. Valenzuela for BLACK BOX TV that was released in 2011.

In 2012 she was hired to write SUPER.MODELS a full length digital series/ film based on an idea from STAN LEE for Stan Lee’s World of Heroes. Michael Eisner’s VUGURU was the production studio and Heath Corson (Aim High, Justice League) was Executive Producer. The project has yet to go to camera.

She is currently working on a multi platform science fiction action project called SEVVEN with Mark Gantt (The Bannen Way, Major Crimes), writing a fantasy action spec TV pilot and in the development phase of numerous projects with her Scirens counterparts. 

Her various blogs and articles can be found at:

Operation BABE 

Ms. in the Biz

Her ‘Why Cosmos should Matter… especially to Hollywood’ was republished at both Planetary Resources and io9 Space.




Welcome to my site! I'm an actress, writer, occasional webseries producer, and co-founder of science advocacy group SCIRENS . I played 'June Sanders' on the BYUTV series GRANITE FLATS for three seasons and can be seen on numerous digital and TV series and commercials. I began producing in 2008 with the scifi web series After Judgment and am now in the midst of creating and writing numerous web and TV projects. Being an avid storyteller, a scifi geek and science nerd, I am passionate about creating story worlds that reflect the paradigm shifting times we are living in with the aim to also increase science literacy. For some of my writing, please check out Women in Entertainment site MS. IN THE BIZ. For more about me, click on the 'About Taryn' tab and follow me on twitter for my daily musings and links. Consider this your portal into my creative world.