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Can you believe it’s almost November?? Where has this year gone!?

I hope 2013 has been a creatively fulfilling one for you as it has for me. Before the holiday season hits, I wanted to draw focus to the Women in Entertainment site that I have been writing for for the past 6 months: MS. IN THE BIZ.

My friend and multi-hyphenate extraordinaire Helenna Santos Levy founded the site and has populated it with posts from extraordinary women. There are guest posts from successful actresses/ directors Brea Grant and Mena Suvari and a host of posts about the industry, fashion, webseries, health, social media and transmedia. My posts have more of a philosophical/ inspirational bent to them, often with a sprinkling of science, like ‘How To Be Your Own MacGyver’ or my ‘Spark Your Soul/Brain’ series. You can check them all out HERE. It’s been fantastic for my crazy erratic Gemini brain to have a regular deadline to hit! ย And it’s been wonderful to be a part of such an inspirational community.

I hope you can support the site and the women who contribute to it!

Will be reposting some of my articles here as well — hope you enjoy.

– Taryn


CONTINUUM Season 2 Premieres + Tubefilter review!

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Excited to announce that Season 2 of our scifi webseries CONTINUUM has just launched exclusively on JTS.TV! Don’t mistake this webseries for the Syfy TV series (which I also love), but rather this is a kickass scifi story mad for the web, set on a space ship starring Melanie Merkosky, Brad Hawkins and myself as the voice of the malevolent computer. ย Blake Calhoun, writer/ director of award winning series Pink (amongst other projects), wrote and directed Continuum and financed the visually spectacular show on a very indie budget. Season 1 is available to watch on YouTube and JTS is offering a free month subscription in celebration of our new season.

Tubefilter also just published a great review of the new season and we had a chance to do a Google Hangout with the owner of JTS.

It’s a great show — please check it out!


Indie Intertube Award

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The wonderful ladies of Indie Intertube hosted their 2nd Annual Webseries Awards on Sunday (full video here) and I was honored to win SMEXIEST ACTRESS! What is Smexy? Smart and Sexy!. Most actresses involved in New Media and Webseries are both because they wear multiple hats, often writing and producing the content as well as starring in it. But I was up against such kickass women as Felicia Day, Emma Caulfied, and Alexis Boozer to name a few so I feel especially empowered to have won. Check out all the winners and nominees: there is some great webseries content and talent for you to discover.

(p.s. ย I am working on my best smexy look and will post a pic as soon as I’ve mastered it…)

Placevine Studios: Emerging Webseries Stars

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A big thank you to Placevine Studios and Lance Trachtenberg for naming me as one of their 10 emerging webseries stars of 2012. We all work really hard in New Media and it is always nice to be acknowledged for the work we do as multi-hyphenates. There are a lot of exciting projects I have in the works (especially as a writer/creator) that I look forward to sharing the news about and bringing to the screen.

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