Audition Demo Reel 2017

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Audition Demo Reel 2017 from Taryn O’Neill on Vimeo.

“What have you been in recently?” As an actor, you get that question A LOT. But the reality of being a working actor is that a majority of the acting you do is at the audition level. You can easily log 20 plus auditions before you book a single role. And a lot of auditions I get are ‘tape’ requests, especially as I can work in Canada. So I wanted to share a compilation of some of my favorite characters that I’ve taped for in the past 12 months. A lot* goes into crafting these characters in a very short amount of time, but having the ability to tackle a wide range of human souls is my passion. Can’t wait for one of them to show up on your TV screen! (And stay tuned for news on the release of the new series I’m in.)

*Thanks to my acting coach Jeffrey Marcus for my weekly workout and to Intrepid Tapes for a great taping experience. No storylines, characters or series names are spoiled.


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I was thrilled to have the chance to work with photographer extraordinaire Elisabeth Caren on an amazing film noir styled shoot called DOUBLE IDENTITY.  It explored the gender stereotypes of the Film Noir genre and then turned them on its head. I loved having the chance to work with fellow actress and science geek Clare Grant and an amazing team of stylists that helped me bring this character to life. If you’re in LA, the full collection is on display from January 16th through February 12th at StandardVisions’s SV Showcase on the massive digital screen on the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Downtown LA!

Photographer: Elisabeth Caren

Makeup: Stephen Dimmick

Hair: Chris Loera

Stylist: Angel T.


Taryn O'Neill in Double Identity Film Noir series by Elisabeth Caren

Taryn O’Neill in Double Identity Film Noir series by Elisabeth Caren




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Thrilled to be included in the HOLLYWOOD GOES STEM edition of INNOVATION AND TECH TODAY. Had a fun interview with editors Charles and Melissa back in November and was thrilled to finally get my copy of the magazine (IRL!), as well as see the article up on the site. I talked Scirens, Acting, Science in Hollywood and my favorite scifi movies. I was honored to be included in the magazine along side talents like James Cameron, Robert Kirkman and one of my heroes, Felicia Day. Check it out!






Fight Training Reel

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I don’t hide the fact that one of my goals as an actress is to play a big action role. Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, Sydney Bristow and even Buffy are my on-screen heroes. I’ve been training in various forms of martial arts on and off for over 15 years, but I took it up a notch 5 years ago when I met Liam Glennon. He has been training me in a combination of Karate, Wing Chun and Boxing, and I’ve never been in better shape nor more ready to tackle that action role. So I edited together a sampling of some of the training I do. A big thanks to Mark Gantt for shooting most of it.

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